No Solicitation Allowed – August 2008 (DC Edition)

May 21, 2008 at 8:11 pm (Comics Issue #427, Solicitation Rumination) (, )

On to DC! I figured doing ’em as separate posts was easier than doing ’em all together.

DC Universe: Last Will and Testament #1 How freaking cool is that cover concept? Kudos to the artist and colorist! It’s pretty neat the the faces that’re split are split into connected people–Nightwing and Batman, Donna Troy and Wonder Woman, Geo-Force (I think) and Terra (the traitorous one), Red and Green Arrows, Wildcat and his SURPRISE UNKNOWN SON…trying to find a consistent connection, but I’m not finding any. Maybe someone with a deeper knowledge of comics will know better than I do?

Final Crisis #1: Director’s Cut Special Should I ever get a chance to buy comics regularly, I probably would not be overly inclined to buy Final Crisis. But I am kind of a sucker for this sort of “behind-the-scenes” stuff. Hell, I’m all about behind-the-scenes: I do tech for theatre; I’m not exactly interested in being put up on the stage and spotlighted. And a chance to look at how to write or draw for comics? I’m there. Though I suspect this won’t be as in-depth as I’d like it to be.

Tor #4: “female companion” is to “eventual screw” as “Tor” is to…?

DC Special: Cyborg #4 I really want to take issue with Starfire’s costume. But at this point the only thing I feel like I can articulate is that she and Darkfire has an interesting inversion–in that the evil sister is the one that’s wearing more.

Teen Titans #62 Since when has Robin’s cape had that weird feather patterning? His upper chest also looks totally out of proportion to the rest of his torso, too, though that might just be the shadows?

Titans #5 made me believe that yes, Starfire’s costume could indeed get worse, though I do like that she’s got a bit of muscle on her here. I kind of wish either Starfire or Oracle would just tell Nightwing to quit jerking the both of them around and pick one or even neither. God knows he deserves it–it’s like he gets paired with whichever of the two is more convenient for the title he’s in. I do like how they’re all blue-lit by the waters they’re in, though. …I just realized that this cover’s pretty racy, isn’t it? I mean, she’s straddling his lap/legs, he’s about to grab her breasts…she’s nearly undressed as it is…whoo.

Batgirl #2 I’ve already talked about why I don’t like Annalea/think she’s unnecessary–presumably this new young woman raised by David Cain is she. If it’s a whole new character I may–not cry, exactly, but possibly rant some more. The Patterns on her outfit look vaguely like Chinese decorations from the new year; those weird geometric shapes that at first look like a random bunch of symmetrical lines but are actually the character for, say, happiness (x2). I’d say it was cool, if I thought that whoever designed her outfit was even thinking in that direction. I’d say that probably-Annalea wearing red was amusingly ironic, given that red is traditionally a color of auspiciousness and good luck, except I suspect the designer just wanted “vaguely threatening” and picked some color-shorthand to do it in. Oh, whatever. I’m all talked about about her (maybe there can be something with Shiva? About family and Cass’ dysfunctional one?). Moving right along…

All-Star Superman #12 Hate the colors, but I like the sight of Luthor casually strolling through the air while he nonchalantly burns some luckless peon to a scorched husk with his laser vision. I keep feeling like this whole composition is like a homage to something, but I’m not sure what. Nice chin, Supes.

Supergirl #32 The idea of Supergirl telling a little kid that she’ll cure his cancer is a really good one, storytelling wise. It emphasizes her heroism, compassion, and desire to do good–but also her naivete about her limits, the limits of those around her, and also how much she doesn’t yet know about Earth (and its medicine). I wonder how this storyline will turn out? Also, I see she has some noticeable muscle. Good for her! (No, I don’t know why I’m fixating on that right now.)

Batman and the Outsiders #10 When did Thunder get electrical powers?

Birds of Prey #121 GOD that’s a freaky cover. From the Joker’s laughter (to the point of tears how freaky is that?) to the gun–is it going through the boy’s head or is it just in front or behind him? You cannot tell! Kudos to…ah yes, Stephane Roux. For a moment I thought it said Stephanie and made :D! face. Oh well.

The Brave and the Bold #16 Ooooh Lois ain’t gonna like that.

The Flash #243 What I like about this cover is that your eye focuses on the Flash. And then you start following his trail and then you realize holy shit it goes all over all the buildings in the background and then your eye gets pulled back to him and that just makes the impact of the abruptness of his stop before you, the viewer, that much more powerful.

Green Arrow/Black Canary #11 Hey Mia, nice to see you’re not in limbo anymore! …also, why isn’t Black Canary billed first? What happened to alphabetical order? To aesthetics of sound? I say Black Canary/Green Arrow rolls off the tongue better.

Infinity Inc. #12 I like their uniforms quite a bit, actually, even if they’re a bit dull compared to the rainbow that is the rest of the DCverse. Though I am wondering why that be-goggled chick requires a corset to fight crime. It doesn’t even offer any support!

Legion of Super-Heroes #45 O HAI BRAINY. I like how you can’t tell whether he’s shouting orders or screaming in pain. Also, notice how the arrangement of the planets curves just right so your eye hits upon Brainy’s head as last in the sequence? And at the other end– Star Boy’s! How cool is that?

And that’s all she wrote!


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