KHR Ch 188-94 Reading Notes

May 25, 2008 at 9:06 pm (Animanga) (, )

1. Wait wait wait. If Ryohei’s box weapon has a POUCH then shouldn’t Kangaryuu…be female?

UPDATE: Wikipedia confirms it–only female kangaroos have pouches. So, Amano Akira. What’s up with all the he?

UPDATE II: Wait, never mind, Yamamoto at least has the right end of the stick regarding Kangaryuu’s gender.

…though I note that, once again, the female character is relegated to the support/background role. Yes, I know she’s just a box weapon but how do you explain Bianchi (even though I hate hate hate her)? Kyoko? Haru? Chrome? Even Lal Mirch to a degree; her fight gets only one chapter (which is partly taken up by Arcobaleno stuff) and then she’s motivated to fight by a male character and has to be carried around by Ryohei, unconscious. I bet you it’s not gonna be her who takes out the real Ginger Bread. You heard it here first!

2. GOKUDERA SOMETIMES YOU ARE REALLY SEXY just thought I’d say so real quick. Whut.

3. It’s awful of me (he’s the ENEMY!) but Gamma’s kinda hot too. I don’t remember thinking this when he first showed up…maybe because he was beating up Gokudera and Yamamoto (the GOOD guys!). I think it might be because I just like lightning-themed power sets a lot.

4. Oh, what the–the mighty head of the Millefiore Black Spell wears a friggin’ miniskirt and crop top with a fucking stupid mushroom hat? Note: the female character in a position of power (debatable; the Black Spell is depicted as the fighters and therefore dumb muscle; they are constantly belittled by the male-headed White Spell as inferior) looks like a, a, a teenager. And she may even be a teenager! But she’s still a mafia leader, which requires dignity. That cloak makes her look even smaller and more uselessly weak. Also, why platform boots huh huh huh shouldn’t she look like she could actually, you know, get up and fight? That’s why the White Spell tolerate the Black Spell, after all…

5. Re: female character getting shafted in terms of story roles, Mukuro is (I’d say) the most feminine of the all the Vongola Guardians. Where is he? DEAD. Well, his current body, or the mental part of him body-hopping, presumably is. His physical body is presumably still with the Vendicare. But if his “mind” is dead after Byakuran killed Leonard Lippi, does that make Mukuro brain dead? Then again, he seems to be able to possess multiple bodies at once (the owl, Leo, future Chrome?) so maybe not! THERE’S HOPE FOR HIM HOORAY.

Still. The most feminine male Guardian is killed off quick and offscreen; his role is support–infiltrating the base and transmitting Shouichi’s base’s floor plans. The meat and potatoes of the fighting–the raid on he Millefiore–belongs to the “manly” Guardians. Also the most masculine female character to date, Lal Mirch. So. My point still stands. Not that that’s a particularly new point; if you read KHR to any great extent you soon realize that female characters don’t matter very much at all…it’s all about the menfolk, man. All the guys get the spotlight.

…is Amano Akira seriously a woman?

6. …never mind about Gamma. I’ve had enough of villains who don’t seem to be able to do anything other than gloat. I mean, wtf. If your opponent’s so worthless just finish them off already, why the talk? WHY THE TALK I ASK YOU. It’s not even just Gamma! Baishana was just like this (except worse). So was that Dendro whoever. I bet Spanner was all “LOL U SUCK I ROCK AHAHAHA” too except I skipped most of his fight with Tsuna because Tsuna vs. Moscas, been there done that WHATEVER. And these are just the villains who’ve shown up in the chapters I read today! Ugh.

7. WHOO GO URI Future Gokudera must have been the coolest Guardian ever.

So now that I’m all caught up with KHR will I keep reading it? HMM. The next few chapters promise to be all fighting all the time; we still have…god, so much crap to get through with this Future Arc, so many things to resolve. Is it worth keeping up with? I don’t know. Maybe I WILL keep reading KHR, though now that I’ve had time away from it I’m really seeing its flaws (re: complete bias towards male characters, rinse-and-repeat villains…). Then again, the art’s still pretty and the weapons are still cool, and…well, anyway. We’ll see.


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