Reaction Shots: Naruto 401

May 27, 2008 at 9:27 am (Animanga) (, , )

Spoiler warnings.

1. EVEN IF Madara’s only telling part of the truth, or is entirely bullshitting, Sasuke’s still being played like a violin. I feel so sorry for him–the people who have been most significant in manipulating his life (ie. quest for power, for revenge, etc.) are all UCHIHAS, of the clan name he fights so hard to honor and avenge. Poor guy. Madara going “Ah, but it for your own good!” just makes it even worse.

2. I wonder how Sasuke will reconcile Madara summoning the Kyuubi with the fact that the Kyuubi is what made his (former?) best friend’s life such a living hell. Has he honestly severed all ties to Naruto & Co.? Or is he hiding it? Questions.

3. “He never lost his love for the Leaf Village.” I CALL BULLSHIT.

4. WTF WTF bloody tears? Is it possible to cry tears of blood? When the fuck has Itachi expressed that much emotion (and an emotion that connotes weakness, aka sorrow) EVER?

5. GIRLFRIEND? Is this the same Itachi we’re talking about? I think it’s been pretty well established that most if not all super-intelligent characters have difficulty with forming emotional connections, both in real life and fiction. Add on to that that Itachi was only thirteen and I really don’t see how he’d have ANY kind of girlfriend/lover AT ALL. He’d be too consumed with training, with pride, with plots; all the PROFESSIONAL stuff. He would have regarded (especially at that age, when girls were strange and unknowable creatures) any such romantic relationship as a hindrance and unnecessary; he already had a best friend and comrade to watch his back (aka Shisui), available for his confidence if he ever needed to spill and somehow I doubt Itachi would EVER spill his guts to ANYONE. It’s another trait of highly intelligent characters (and people, I think)–secrecy, for whatever reason.

6. It’s terrible but the girlfriend comment makes me want to revive my Naruto OC of doom and love and write her and Itachi as young ‘uns, crazy in love OH GOD MAKE IT STOP *beats back brain* (TRUST ME I am so terribly ashamed of myself, you have no idea AND YET AND YET–!)

7. As a side note, the Uchiha mon is larger than ever on Sasuke’s back, as large as pre-timeskip! What can we infer from this? Well, it was large when he was in Konoha and killing Itachi and avenging his clan, etc. were the foremost goal on his mind (gaining power being a sort of side-goal on the way to the big ones). Then, when he hooked up with Orochimaru, it was tiny; his…drive, his focus, on his clan had waned, subsumed by other goal (ie. preventing the perverted snake-man from stealing his body). And then…when he had the black shirt…the mon was gone, or still small (I should check, I really should, but eh, don’t feel lik eit.). And now–after being spoonfed 100% pure Grade A bullcrap by Madara, it’s as large as ever. His robe has short sleeves and that high collar, too; his silhouette (at least the upper half of his silhouette) from the back is very similar to his silhouette pre-timeskip.

Hmm. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? I guess that Sasuke’s mind is back on the track of avenge/honor his clan that it was pre-timeskip, which I guess is Kishimoto’s way of saying his dalliance with Otogakure was BAD, BAD AND WRONG, a distraction from his true purpose: to carry on the Uchiha legacy, whatever doing that might be.

…or maybe I’m just reading too much into this. *headdesk*


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