KHR Chapter 179 Splash Page

May 29, 2008 at 10:58 pm (Animanga) (, )

AKA the chapter where Lal Mirch’s revenge is not as important as the boys’, even though she has just as legitimate better reason to what the Millefiore’s guts roasted on a spit.

I saved the Chapter 179 splash page when I first read it but only looked at the image closer today.

1) They depict all the characters as they appear in the Future Arc. So we’ve got past!Gokudera, past!Tsuna, and past!Yamamoto, and past!Lambo. We’ve got future!Mukuro, future!Ryohei, future!Hibari (I’m pretty sure it’s future!Hibari; not that you can tell the difference anyway…), and future!Lal. Plus Reborn sans the stupid containment suit.

2) Lal Mirch is the only female character who appears (Chrome is absent, as is Bianchi, Haru, and Kyoko. To be honest of the four only Bianchi has the most legit claim to be on here; she helped Fuuta gather info on the Millefiore. I think. Other than Lal, the rest of the female characters are either unconscious or housekeepers. Ouch, Amano.). She is depicted in a men’s suit (I assume; with the band and Lambo’s hair in the way she may well be in a pencil skirt); she’s the most aggressive female character, relatively the least concerned with matters or romance (Haru is obsessed with Tsuna, Kyoko also obsessed with…Tsuna (less than Haru though), Bianchi will do anything that looks like Reborn, and Yi-Pin is a five-year-old girl.) though her masculine drive for revenge (desire for revenge seems to be a primarily male quest in Amano’s world) is still motivated by the death of a man she is implied to have loved and been loved by.

Lal Mirch is being included in this gathering of manly Vongola men because she is the most masculine of the female characters, in motivation, demeanor, history (she was part of the COMSUBIN which I understand to be Italian special forces) and mode of dress (the cloak she normally wears obscures her figure; it is only removed when her most feminine traits–that is to say, her implied love for Colonello and the whole noble sacrifice Colonello makes her her and her desire to kill Ginger Bread to avenge Colonello–comes to light Plus she wears goggles over her facial scars which are both ugly and unfeminine things. Well, maybe not the goggles, Bianchi has them too . But the scars, definitely.). Note that she is also the only female character able to fight worth a damn (Bianchi’s ridiculous poison food doesn’t count. Why yes, I do hate her, why do you ask?). I guess what I can conclude is that Amano depicts very off gender dynamics in KHR and apparently believes masculinity = revenge, = strength, and a female cannot have either unless they are masculine…?

And people seriously believe that Amano Akira is a woman?

3) Mukuro is depicted alive and well, still with his beloved pineapple hair (rat tail now included!). This gives me hope. Maybe he really is still alive! (SHUT UP I CAN HOPE IF I WANT TO.)

4) I can’t help but feel like I’m reading too much into this (re: Lal Mirch and Mukuro).

On the other hand I can’t help but feel like I’m really, really not.


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