Reaction Shots: KHR 195

June 2, 2008 at 11:29 am (Animanga) (, , )

Huzrah, the next chapter finally came out! Will Gamma stop being such a douche? Will Gokudera win this fight? Will Uri become EVEN AWESOMER?

All this and more under the cut!

1. That panel of Uri looking up at Gamma and his foxes is really well drawn. I like the composition of Uri large in the foreground, Gamma looking small in the background. I don’t know if it was on purpose, but the placement of the sound effects (which are in a thick black font and in a diagonal line across the image) creates a line between the two sides: they are clearly opponents and also hate each others guts.

2. What is with arrogant characters and balls. I mean, first we had Xanxus and his special Dying Will Flame (and his guns, oh the guns). And now we have Gamma and his super-special foxes o’ doom. Both characters are incredibly arrogant (though Gamma lacks Xanxus’ complexity, imo) and both characters are male with weapons that, at one point or another, resemble a pair of balls. I’m trying to think of other examples–you could put Chikusa in this category too, if you count his yoyo’s as balls. But…he wasn’t really all that arrogant, compared to some people. Is there any symbolism to this other than recurring motifs in Amano’s work? Well, for Xanxus there is. But for Gamma and maybe-Chikusa…? Hmm. Harder to see the link.

3. Scanlation pet peeve: MISSPELLING OF WORDS. Though since I’m pirating it off the internets for free, I guess I shouldn’t really complain. Still.

4. Amano’s animal anatomy could use a lot of work. Uri looks pretty good standing still. In movement, not so much.

5. Gamma and Gokudera using animals as proxies in their fights instead of physically fighting each other as they did before. Very Pokemon-esque. The keeping of special creatures in compact containers (Pokeballs or ring boxes) and pulling them out to fight for their owners; creatures may have supportive abilities and may not necessarily be good in an actual fight (Kangaryuu and um, Chancey?). Others are extremely good in physical battles (Gamma’s foxes and Uri; Pikachu and almost every other Pokemon in existence.).

The difference is that KHR’s animals are wholly unreal constructs; they are the product of special kinds of wave energy shaped into corporeal form. Pokemon’s creatures are actual animals, captured in the wild or raised in captivity, and trained for battle. Also note that having a box animal seems to be almost an indication of weakness–the strongest of the guardians, Tsuna, doesn’t have one. All the other presumably not-quite-as-strong guardians do (Hibari and his porcupine, Ryohei and Kangaryuu, Yamamoto and his swallow, Chrome and I guess the owl, and Gokudera and Uri). Possibly Tsuna’s future self will gain one but as he is dead he can’t pass it on to his past self.

I am unsure what this means or implies–is Amano making a homage to Pokemon? Or is the concept of pseudo-cock/dog/bear/cricket-fighting one that endures in shounen manga?

6. Scanlation pet peeve number two: MULTIPLE EXCLAMATION MARKS. It just look so…immature and…unprofessional.

7. Oh, what the shit is this. The head of the big bad Black Spell of the big bad Millefiore as a delicate little princess in need of protection? This is going nowhere good. *grumps*


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