So You Think You Can Dance Australia view notes

June 4, 2008 at 1:54 pm (Don't Touch That Dial) ()

I’ve only watched episodes 1-4 so far, but I have words to say and a place to say them!

1. Compared to the American show (which I am also following, though only the latest season at the moment), the Australian show seems to have more music woven into it. Especially in the audition sequences, when the montages of auditions were put together I really noticed the music chosen for them. It feels like the American show doesn’t do this, though maybe I need to go back and watch the audition eps again to be sure. But it feels new, and I like it. Having so much music all over the place really makes it feel like dance show. I don’t know how to explain it better.

Re: music choices for the interludes between auditions, whoever picks the songs and edits clips to them as a) a good knowledge of a variety of current (popular?) music and b) a great sense of timing and musicality. It’s really great.

2. The show feels more intimate than the American show. Maybe it’s because of the smaller scope of Australia in terms of population and thus number of entrants, and maybe I’m romanticizing a little, but it really does have a more casual feel. Maybe the judges being on (level with) the stage the dancers are on helps with that; they feel less like Judges From On High and more like, I don’t know, peers. Having a judge make the choreography helps that, I think. Seeing the judges (or at least a judge) get down and dirty and dance too helps make them less intimidating figures. Plus it gives at least one judge a greater basis for judging who makes it through the choreography, since he knows exactly what it entails.

2a. Matt’s vote for choreography is weightier than that of the other two because he knows best what the choreography will demand of the dancers.

3. The Australian show feels less…hmm…meanspirited. Maybe it’s because there’re fewer kooks and joke entrants than the US show? I find myself skipping fewer auditions than I do when watching the American eps, and I find myself taking fewer viewing breaks to play Solitaire for a while or something to avoid watching someone’s Impending Doom.

4. Is “chorey” a purely Australian term for choreography or is this slang in use throughout the global dance world as well?


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