Reaction Shots: So You Think You Can Dance 4×06

June 13, 2008 at 6:59 pm (Don't Touch That Dial) (, )

US version this time! I don’t know if you can be spoiler-y, talking about shows likes this, unless you leak results. Which I can’t do. So!

Katee & Joshua, hip-hop

I’ve already read good commentary on this episode’s round of performances, which kind of sucks any desire for me to make my own commentary. But Katee and Joshua were fantastic. I mean he does have the advantage of being in his own genre, but I remember something Jason said in SYTYCD Australia, when he told Jemma that because the cha-cha was in her genre, he expected her to blow it away. This was in Joshua’s genre and he did blow it away. Katee doesn’t have that advantage, and she totally stepped up to match him. Her acting was great, too; when she got up with the papers, when she threw them away, when she bent over like it physically hurt to find out he had to leave–you could really feel it.

I think Joshua matched her in the acting department too, actually. At the very beginning, when they were holding hands, just smiling at each other–oh god it was beautiful, which made the rest just so much sadder. And the end, too, when he was looking at her in his jacket. Together, great unison when they needed it. The end with the jacket was gorgeous and smoothly pulled off and a wonderful end to the narrative and generally, it was just really good.

I feel like such a sap, but everytime I watch it I just want to go “Awwwwww!” and make the mental equivalent of “D:!” Which is, you know. A good thing.

Jessica & Will; tango

Seeing the tango makes me want to watch Rhys and Jemma’s paso doble. Mary said almost exactly the same thing for their dance, and I think it was more true for them. *youtubes* Plus, Jessica’s dress, ugh. I don’t know, it was just so pink and sequiny and busy. I was focusing more on how awful her dress was than the dancing, to be honest.

Courtney & Gev; disco

Same with the disco. I want to go look up Anthony and Laura’s disco routine. Maybe it’s the song; they’re using the same. Courtney and Gev’s routine was kind of…monotonous, a lot of repeats. I thought Gev did pretty good considering he’s a breaker. I want to say that a lot of Nigel’s criticism is the fault of the choreography, but I’m not sure I can.

Overall I’m mostly surprised at all the slow routines. Maybe it’s just my volume or the quality of the file or my speakers, but all the songs sounded really soft and slow. Even Boogie Wonderland, which is pretty amazing. But then I heard Cat Deeley and all the judges just fine. Maybe their sound system was in trouble? Missing a speaker? I don’t know. But everything just didn’t sound or feel fast and loud, and you’d think they’d want to open up the show with a bang, right? It’s weird. I don’t know.


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