Yami no Matsuei pointers

June 17, 2008 at 4:40 pm (Animanga, Recommendations) (, )

Here’s the way to some really good essays on Yami no Matsuei (which is a manga & anime, for those not in the know) aka Descendants of Darkness.

One on Hisoka that does a really nice job of going over his character in all its complexity; it’s thorough and touches on stuff from all 13 eps of the anime plus I think a little from the manga beyond the anime eps. Well organized, written in a way that’s clear but not stuffy, all around an easy, enjoyable read about an interesting character.

Annnd another one, an essay on the Tsuzuki/Hisoka pairing (that’s male/male) that’s almost canon in my opinion. It does a really good job of outlining both characters, then going on to define why they’re good for each other, and why they should be together, and how it benefits both of them to be together. It doesn’t try to paint their relationship as prettier than it is (they are both so, so, broken, poor boys) but also points out that together they are stronger together than apart. Just a really enjoyable read all around, especially if you ship them together or have no particular objection to the ship (like me).

Both also delve a little into the series itself, giving some context and information about it so those who aren’t already in the know about Yami no Matsuei shouldn’t be left too far behind.

So there’re your meta recs for the day.


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