Reaction Shots: Katekyo Hitman Reborn 196-7

June 19, 2008 at 10:22 pm (Animanga) (, , )

Finally bit the bullet and read the latest chapters. I mean, they focus on the villain that is my current utter hate, but they reveal important backstory about the Millefiore’s black half…? Right…? I dunno, I just want to catch up. I think I’m reading mostly in the hopes that Mukuro will show back up, badass and stupidly coiffed and cute as ever. He could still be alive! We never saw him die! IT COULD HAPPEN.

On an unrelated note: It really, really, really annoys me when people refer to Sasuke as Sasugay. I know it’s a joke. It still pisses me off.

Okay, enough chitchat. Onwards~! (Needless to say, spoilers)


I really don’t know why I keep reading this manga. All the weak useless women annoy the hell out of me. Sure, we have some like Lal Mirch and Lal Mirch and maybe older I-Pin but other than that?

And Lal Mirch is dying and I-Pin’s a friggin five year old.

2. “It’s horrid?” Okay, translator needs to work a little on consistent voice

3. Whoa whoa whoa the Giglionero family heirloom necklace is an Arcobaleno pacifier? …come to think of it, the boss of the Giglionero in Gamma’s flashbacks looks suspiciously similar to Lal Mirch…I know she didn’t have the cheek tatt in flashbacks to her regular, adult self, but–related? Maybe?

Come to think of it, no one’s been named the definite holder of the orange pacifier, either…

4. I refuse to think of Gamma’s loyalty to his boss and then Uni as anything other than a fierce platonic love for a woman he deeply respects as a mafia boss and would die for. No romance!

…because that would make his devotion to Uni really, really, creepy.

4a. How the hell did Gamma’s beloved boss manage to give birth without anyone knowing she was pregnant? did she just disappear for nine months or what? Was Uni born before her mother became the Giglionero head?

5. I’m really, really, liking Genkishi/Phantom Knight and I don’t know why. I just do. Something about his freaky brush stroke eyebrows, and quadruple swords and his androgynous appearance…

6. I wish I could feel excitement at Uni’s daring and whatnot, but really, I just keep thinking that of course she gets overruled and dominated by Byakuran. She’s tiny, and female! And Byakuran is not.

7. The header to Chapter 197 of Uni and Gamma is painfully adorable. Plus, the foxes!

8. OH MY GOD IGNORE NUMBER 4 because Amano Akira really did go into creep out territory. Lolicon indeed! D: A-At least Amano Akira acknowledged it was going into creep-out territory…I…don’t know if that makes it better or worse.

9. “After the merge, I will be number 2. Only Byakuran-sama can touch me.” AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO IS GETTING FREAKED OUT BY THIS? I mean, how old is Uni anyway! *shivers*

10. “This time period’s greatest swordsman?” What about Superbi Squalo? Or tyl!Yamamoto?

…I guess I’m going to be keeping up with this manga after all. *sigh*


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