Reaction Shots: KHR! 198

June 25, 2008 at 12:11 pm (Animanga) (, , )

Sakura Gari Ch4 is on its way~ But it’s taking a while so instead, have a belated perusal of KHR’s latest offering. It looks to be chock full of the phallic symbols waving around;  I bet it’s an epic sword fight. And one of the swordmen has four of ’em. That’s right. Four.

Beware! Spoilers abound!

1. GENKISHI~ I don’t know why I like this character so much. I just DO.

2. I CALL BULLSHIT. I don’t think Genkishi allowed himself to be defeated at all. He lost fair and square–he’s just trying to psych out Yamamoto because he knows he’s nowhere near where his older self will be in terms of sword skill.

3. So it looks like the Vongola are losing, and badly. No, Hibari! They’ve already taken Mukuro from me! NOT YOU TOO.

4. Okay, so maybe not so much Number 2, but still. Genkishi! There’s something about an evil swordsman with honor that I really like. It’s what saved Squalo for me, too; when he told Yamamoto to leave him because he’d been shamed by defeat, that’s when I decided maybe he wasn’t so bad after all.

4a. Genkishi does bring up questions as to why he decided merging with the Gesso was the best for the Giglio Nero, though.

5. Paradox: Yamamoto’s trip to the future is what ultimately makes him decide to embrace the path of the sword rather than the path of the baseball bat? Except, he really does join the Yomiuri Giants, so…hmm. Maybe not so much.

But he does seem more gungho about being a swordsman and all the honor implied therein this time around…I don’t think he was quite this enthusiastic during his last great sword fight, which was with Squalo. But it’s been a while, I might be wrong. Hmm.

6. Let me guess how the fight will go: Yamamoto will lose, and lose, and more lose, until somehow he miraculously doesn’t. And then he’ll win and win and more win, until he does. Or he’ll go back and forth between extremes for a while.

7. Let me guess again: Genkishi’s sword style is splitting up and using one person per sword? Or two people per two swords? That’s why he’s got so many. So all his doubles can use them.

Nice to see Yamamoto in action, but call me back when he’s winning. Or when there’s exposition (The exposition is more fun than the fighting. And this is a shounen manga. Crazy.).


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