Reaction Shots: Sakura Gari 4 RAW

June 25, 2008 at 12:31 pm (Animanga) (, , )

I know, I know, premature, I don’t even have a translation yet, but.

Things get worse before they get better, right? (There…is a better…right?) I’m dying to know what Souma said to Masataka to make him stay. Plus, Sakurako is manipulative and possessive–kinda like her brother, eh? And it seems their chosen battlefield is Masataka. Poor boy.

Hypothesis: Souma is wondering why finally having what he wants feels so empty.

Speculation: Souma dresses to resemble his (birth) mother for the benefit of his sick father. Incestuous overtones even though they don’t do anything; I mean, just look at the premise I’m laying out.

Characterization: Souma just fucked up the only positive relationship he had in the manga, in order to put that relationship in a context he could understand. Sakurako manipulated Souma in hopes of making him sleep(/rape?) Masataka so that he’d finish with him and focus attention on her; that backfired so now she’s determined to hurt Masataka for stealing her brother. Masataka is in a very bad place, the Souma he respected and pledge his loyalty to is not who Souma really is, he’s been betrayed on all fronts and his own issues about self-worth are thus exacerbated (not helped by Sakurako’s vendetta).

Conclusion: EEEE SO EXCITED FOR TRANSLATION/SCANLATION. (And I feel terrible but honestly, this manga. Not only is it thinky and dark and disturbing, it’s full of pretty, broken boys. Pretty, broken boys who have sex.)


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