Reaction Shots: So You Think You Can Dance 4×12, 13

July 4, 2008 at 4:51 pm (Don't Touch That Dial) (, )

All for the second routines the couples did, because that’s when the itch to talk about it attacked.

Jessica & Will; jazz: Will just would not stop smiling. I really took issue with that–the point of the shirt, I thought, was that he was far away and Jessica’s character was missing him. Hence the wearing of his shirt late at night when, presumably, she would have been the most lonely. So I really didn’t get why he kept smiling. Thematically, I thought the piece should have had a melancholy kind of feel. The smiling didn’t work with that.

Comfort & Thayne; smooth waltz: I loved the opening and the ending–it set up the tone of lost loves so perfectly, from a narrative standpoint. It was the perfect way to convey the theme of the dance. I think it’d have been clear even without the little clips beforehand telling us what the theme is. And that is some really good storytelling, I think. I know the judges went out about the lift, but honestly, that opening–with Thayne reaching out and Comfort reacting to his touch with them facing away–is what I’ll be taking away from it. Which I guess just goes to prove I’m not a dancer at heart.

Kourtni & Matt; mambo: The ending felt really random to me. Like it was just kind of…tacked on to the end to make the end impressive you know? No lead in. By which I mean, no steps before that would logically lead into it, the lift just happened, randomly. I think it’s half the choreography, but also half the dancers. The move right before is Kourni doing this thing where she runs her hand along her hair and it was sort of half-assed looking, like she was struggling to fit it in before the life because that was, you know, what had to happen before they went into the lift. Hmm.

I guess the only other thing I can say is that I don’t really like her dress–I mean, in concept and general design I like it, but I think the bodice/corset part’s a little too busy with the decorations, and the fabric and fringe looks too pink. I think it’s supposed to be red? But in the lights it looks hot pink-ish, and that just clashes with the bodice, it’s distracting. I suppose that goes the same for Matt’s tie, which is the same color, but since it’s such a small part of his costume, it’s not as noticeable.

I liked Matt’s little face at the very beginning, where he was running his hands through his hair, though.

Chelsie & Mark; foxtrot: The song! Man, once I recognized it, it was weird, I kept going, “Is this the song I think it is?” and expecting it to speed up.

Um, dance, right. The lift in the middle where Mark picked Chelsie up with her behind him facing away was kind of labored, I thought. I was iffy on her dress, since it’s got like a built-in feather boa, but in the end I thought it fit the whole feel of the foxtrot rather well–elegant, classy, graceful and stylish. The feather boa adds a hint of old school glamor (no, I don’t actually know what I’m talking about.).

Other than that…uh…I can’t really think of anything much to say.

Kherington & Twitch; contemporary: Twitch really brought it, I think. I liked how he was the emotionally vulnerable one instead of Kherington, and it really showed, he really played that part well. And I liked how they kept missing each other, never quite on the bed at the same time–hinting at why they broke up, maybe? Because they just couldn’t really find that rhythm together at the same time? Hinting at him now–grasping for her, chasing her, but she’s elusive, she’s already gone.

The bed was a good setting, I think, because sometimes one person alone on a big bed really evokes that sense of loneliness that’s needed for a break-up piece. And Mia Michaels used it to good effect, to tell her story. The rose petals were kind of out there, though. I’m not sure what purpose they serve, narratively speaking.

Final comment: Why is Twitch in shorts? If he’s got a set of pajamas–and that would seem to be the case, since we have Kherington in the shirt–shoudln’t they be pants? I mean, at first I thought it was him in particularly fancy boxers or something. Also, Twitch is hot.

Katee & Joshua; West Coast swing: Very pink, very boring.

Courtney & Gev; Broadway: Just a lot, a lot of fun to watch.

Admittedly I only watch the results shows for the group dance numbers.

But maybe I should stop.


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