Reaction Shots: Naruto 407

July 5, 2008 at 11:17 am (Animanga) (, , )


1. Kishimoto–women are allowed to be professions that require a high degree of intelligence and analytical thinking without being obsessed/motivated by a man, let alone a man that is probably years younger than said woman.

Aforementioned women in professions requiring a high degree of intelligence and analytical thinking are allowed to be such professions without looking a fool/object of ridicule in spiral-lensed glasses.

Just saying.

2. DUDE WAIT I thought Kishimoto said we’d never see what Jiraiya’s written? XD Ahhh Kakashi…you read this crap in front of your students, but get embarrassed when you have to say it out loud? FAIL.

(Kakashi & Shikmaru’s faces after they’ve got all the bits and pieces are PRICELESS.)

3. Things are snapping along, it seems! Madara seems awfully certain of Sasuke’s competence. Arrogance–is he saying that Yes, Sasuke will do whatever I tell him to do, muahahaha or is he saying Yep, that’s my descendent, he’ll take of that jinchuuriki no problem or some combination of the two?

4. With all of Pein’s bodies, why the fuck do they need the Akatsuki in the first place? Trying not to tip their hand too early?

Prediction: Sasuke will intervene with Naruto’s capture–not directly confronting, but perhaps a subtle hint at what’s to come. Pein will face Tsunade for Jiraiya’s death. Pein will face Naruto for Jiraiya’s death.

(Man, the chapters feel like they’re getting shorter and shorter, don’t they?)


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