Reaction Shots: KHR! 200

July 6, 2008 at 9:41 pm (Animanga) (, , )

Screw the chapters in between!


1. SQUALO WHEN DID YOU BECOME KIND OF AWESOME? Is it because you’re one of the good guys now? For a given value of good?

…wait, so I’ll tolerate arrogance in protagonists, not antagonists? Um.

2. I think Genkishi needs to meet Mukuro. Who is not dead, dammit.


4. That had better be MUKURO and not Chrome…don’t get me wrong, Chrome’s interesting in her own right, but she was created as way for Mukuro to be about without being too much of a threat to Tsuna.

Mukuro vs. Genkishi! FOR THE WIN!

5. Speculation: that’s not young!Chrome. It’s true that from behind it looks like she’s in the Kokuyo uniform (as young!Chrome would have to be, since that’s all she’s got to wear.). But, if you look near the top of the right-mist panel of the page 17 of the chapter, she’s got long hair–long enough to flare to the side like that in the wind. Last we saw her, she still had hair exactly like young!Mukuro’s, which shouldn’t be long enough to do that.

While older!Chrome…we don’t really know what she looks like, we just have that one photo chapters ago with her in sunglasses and a headscarf, when she tried to break Mukuro’s body out of the Vendicare’s jails…and after that she disappeared, didn’t she? She was presumed dead, Glo Xinia supposedly killed her? But Mukuro survived–maybe older!Chrome did too? God, I need to review the canon.

So, theory: it’s older!Chrome shown from behind in an outfit similar to the Kokuyo uniform in order to throw us off the scent. Older!Chrome…bearing the consciousness…of an older!Mukuro? Will we see older!Ken & Chikusa too? Their fates haven’t been mentioned so far…

5a. My own pet theory: the reason Mukuro opted to collaborate so much more closely with the Vongola (even wearing a suit like them–he hates the Mafia, remember? So just getting him into a Mafia suit, even if altered to suit his taste, is like making him wear team colors–making him visually declare loyalty.) is that Ken and Chikusa are killed by the Millefiore for their connection to Mukuro and hence, the Mafia (also why Glo Xinia is sent to kill Chrome). To avenge their deaths he chooses to side more closely with the Vongola, in a “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” kind of way. He temporarily suspends his quest for Tsuna’s body in order to do so.

6. GOD WIKIPEDIA stop bursting my bubble! There’s like this one-off sentence in Mukuro’s entry (which I checked for the name of the jail…wish I hadn’t scrolled down quite so far now) that says it’s young!Chrome. But she’s suddenly as good at making illusions as Mukuro? So maybe older!Mukuro still lives through the younger counterpart of his host? That’s why she’s suddenly well enough to be up and about–maintaining her organs is effortless for him, so she doesn’t need to expend the mental and physical energy to do so herself (remember, young!Chrome just learned to do it under Hibari’s tutelage.). Older!Mukuro would be powerful enough to do it with even greater ease?

6a. Or if older!Mukuro isn’t possible, it could be young!Mukuro’s consciousness? Needing some time to catch up to Chrome or gather energy in the future, perhaps, given the time-jumping? It might have knocked him out, or maybe temporarily taken Chrome out of his reach (hence the organ failures.). I mean, space is obviously no barrier to him, maybe time wouldn’t be, either…? But that doesn’t explain why he’s suddenly all gung-ho to join the Vongola’s crusade, unless his goal is to preserve Tsuna’s body for him to take at a later date…or he had a conversation with his older self about the importance of aiding the Vongola in this juncture in time? But considering the young and old counterparts of each character are completely switched, this seems unlikely, when would their minds have time to meet? Then again, unlike the other characters, only their consciousnesses are being swapped through time, so…maybe the same rules don’t apply?

6b. Older!Mukuro could be turned to the Millefiore’s side instead of dead? (Tsuna will have to fight through his possessed/brainwashed/mind-controlled self to get to Byakuran and/or Uni.) Byakuran is shown to have drastically altered Uni’s temperament and attitude towards Gamma just from a single meeting in solitude…similar to the conditions where Mukuro’s trapped with him in his office. How would that screw with him, seriously? He hates the Mafia already for the Estraneo’s experimenting on him and his comrades, he hated being forcibly used and tortured by outsiders (his own family). Byakuran would be doing pretty much the same thing–sure, I doubt even older!Mukuro has great love for the Vongola, but at least the Vongola never tried to control him and turn him into a weapon and a thing again, as the Estraneos did. I suspect his vendetta against the Millefiore would just grow and grow if this was the case–screw working with the Mafia; this time’s it’s personal.

7. Genkishi uses swords and illusions. Chrome/Mukuro/whatever and Yamamoto will have to team up to defeat him?

Gah! for the first time since I randomly picked this manga back up again, I’m looking forward to the next chapter! I want my Mukuro fix. :/

EDIT: Chrome showed up with the owl?! *checks* What, you can see its wing! I guess it must be youngChrome + olderMukuro after all. That must mean that at least Mukuro’s consciousness has survived? Hopefully? Either that or she’s magically learned how to use and control ring boxes, which while possible, would mean that Mukuro’s not around. Do not want!



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