Reaction Shots: KHR! 202

July 19, 2008 at 9:48 pm (Animanga) (, , )

Man, I can’t remember when seeing that the latest chapter of a manga I’m following has been released last made me so excited. I mean, I’ve already seen spoilers and read a translation and I’m still bouncy for it–well, mentally at least; I’m too full to be literally bouncing off my walls. Oof. x___x

Beware! Spoilers abound!

1. LOL at those little chibis. At least Amano’s being considerate enough to give us a brief recap of who’s where and doing what? And it’s an adorable recap, too!

2. ROUND WHITE DEVICE PURPOSE: CONFIRMED! Okay, so it’s not like there’s much else for it to be, considering it was created by Shouichi and adult!Gokudera already told us that everything happening was his fault (well–that Byakuran was Shouichi’s fault. But if you believe some of the theories floating around [ie. Byakuran’s been gunning for the kids and their rings since the Ring Tournament arc] then the two are not exactly mutually exclusive.)

3. QUESTION: how do we know hologram!Reborn was sent by the actual Reborn? Is this in one of the chapters I skipped? Because Reborn–past Reborn at that–is contradicting what adult!Gokudera said re: Shouichi’s involvement. True, Gokudera may’ve been wrong or mistaken. But that begs the question of how the newly arrived Reborn could have had time to gather any evidence to the contrary?

Plus, wouldn’t it be great if SPANNER was the one being all these time travel mishaps? I mean, he’s Mafia AND such an otaku already. What if he nudged Shouichi along with the round white device (RWD) in order to meet the GREAT JAPANESE MAFIA BOSS VONGOLA DECIMO, who combines both of those interests, so he could have a place in history by helping him along? You heard it here first!

4. I don’t GET Genkishi! It’s driving me crazy–obviously he has a modicum of honor as a swordsman (or at least pride), and he seems to have been motivated by the Giglio Nero’s best interests when he chose to betray them to the Gesso by deliberately losing to Squalo…he’s so weirdly mysteriously, obviously antagonistic but at the same time…

4a. Why always with the honorable swordsmen? Even SQUALO wanted to die with honor, refusing Yamamoto’s attempt to save him, and Squalo’s about as far from your archetypal serene swordsman dude as you can get. Even Genkishi tries to let Yamamoto die with some honor, offering to honor his last request. Though, one might say that his walls-popping-out thing isn’t honorable, since it is essentially a sneak attack, which is more ninja than samurai…


5. Okay, I TOTALLY thought that Hibari was going to end up as the illusion, not that it’d be Genkishi doing something.

6. IS Hibari the real deal? He’s awfully pristine for someone who just beat the crap out of X number of Millefiore.

Chapter 200: Chrome arrives with two other figures. Identity of other two figures unrevealed; Chrome was the one disguised as “Captain Nichola,” whoever he is.

Chapter 201: Of the three figures who arrived, two have gone to aid Gokudera & Ryohei (vs. Gamma); they are revealed to Chrome and Kusakabe, with the I-Pin and Lambo in a knapsack.

Kusakabe’s last thought: “What’s happened on the other side…?”

Teaser line: “The Guardians have joined the battle…!” We’ve only seen Chrome actively join; Lambo’s a Guardian but he’s in a backpack…which logically leaves only one Guardian; presence implied by Kusakabe’s. No smoke without fire. Or…subordinates without leaders. Something.

Chapter 202: Hibari busts through the wall to save Yamamoto’s ass. Presumably he was the third figure, and “the other side” was Genkishi vs. Yamamoto

Okay, so I guess Hibari’s the real deal. Chrome’s little “uuuuh” during 201 confirms this; it was Hibari who taught her how to create her own organs after all, so I guess that plus Kusakabe’s presence confirm’s Hibari’s.

7. Hibari’s chatter to Genkishi proves my Theory of Hibari! He’s actually talking civilly to an opponent! Okay, so he’s taunting his opponent, whatever. Mellow! More of a people person! Still just as violent! I mean, he broke into the room through the damn wall, you can’t get more brutal and blunt and to-the-point than that.

Even if I can’t make head-or-tails of his words. I mean, “Hey you. That’s pretty nice. Did you just get that white round machine installed?”

WHAAAAT? Hibari should already know that a) the machine’s been installed since before the younger Vongolas got there and b) that it was all Shouichi’s doing. Unless this Hibari’s that’s about to kick Genkishi’s ass (you know he will) is a) one of the “real illusions” a la Chrome’s fight with Glo Xinia (unlikely; she needed to believe in what she was creating and possibly also be in close proximity; there’s no reason for her to have the same bond with Hibari that she has to the Kokuyo gang ) or b) he knows more than he’s letting on, as with the fsking ring boxes.


I’m just glad Hibari’s okay and back in action (now, for Mukuro!). I am kind of sad that Yamamoto kind of…failed in his fight, unlike Gokudera. D: I hope there’s a badass Yamamoto moment to come, even though it’d be pretty realistic for at least one of the younger Vongolas to not be up to scratch…their training was harsh and spotty; there’s no way they can be expected to have all caught up with their older counterparts. Yamamoto’s not a genius like Gokudera, nor is he the protagonist like Tsuna.

So it makes sense. But it makes me sad. ):


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