Reaction Shots: Naruto 409

July 19, 2008 at 12:38 am (Animanga) (, , )

Here there be spoilers.

1. So Naruto gets MORE power-ups. Okay…

Honestly this development with “natural energy” and “sage techniques” leaves me a little cold. It feels like Kishimoto just made this crap up so Naruto could be even more powerful than ever. I dunno, it’d be nice to see Sakura getting some more training–or even other characters who were on him when he tried to hunt Sasuke down (what happened with all that anyway? M-Maybe I should have paid more attention to the chapters between Jiraiya’s fight with Pein and now…)

I mean I guess it makes sense for the summons to have their own kind of techniques; they’re meant to be otherworldly animals and all that. It’s just that…does Naruto really need to learn this? Well, I guess so, because the other technique he’s managed to develop injures him severely and Jiraiya’s not around to help him out anymore…

Still. I suppose it wouldn’t be so bad if this all just built on what Naruto already knows and can do. Right?

2. Ominous Akatsuki are go! Please tell me that we get to see some kind of HOSHIT FULLSCALE INVASION!!!111 chapter, complete with the Rookie Nine and their elders kickin’ some Akatsuki ass because that would be awesome. Or getting their asses kicked, I suppose. If Pein and his Rinnegan is anything to go by.

(Speculation: Tsunade will die fighting Pein? And anti-Naruto forces (ie. Danzo) will take over Konoha?)

3. Gamakichi and his metaphor is adorable, though.

4. I keep wanting to see if I can draw some connection between the nature of Naruto’s power-ups–first he had to get in touch with himself, with Kyuubi, during the timeskip. Then he had to get in touch with nature and therefore life, via the five types of chakra, under Kakashi and Yamato. Now he needs to get in touch with the afterlife, via death and the natural world?

It’s imperfect, and maybe I’m just grasping at straws. But maybe there’s something there after all?

5. I like the eight-tailed beast’s host’s insistence on being referred to as a separate entity from his biju. All the jinchuuriki seem to have varying degrees of comfort with their, uh, symbiosis–Gaara’s completely comfortable with Shuukaku, as is Yugito with her two-tailed Nekomata. But Naruto and New Dude seem to have a preference for maintaining separate identities, perhaps related to an insistence on being seen as individuals and not objects of fear.

This trend seems to depend on how powerful the beast is. Also, of the host’s we’ve seen so far, only two (Gaara and Naruto) are children; the rest are adults. Yugito’s debatable, but I think she’s definitely older than the other two I’ve named, so the theory still stands.

6. Oof, three separate storylines? Let’s see how Kishimoto handles this one.



  1. berah said,

    I think I need to make some sort of chart. I need to see which groups stand where. What exactly has been said and what was only been inferred. I forget, is Pein trying to kill Naruto? Is he working with or just under Madara/Tobi? Does Madara/Tobi want to kill Naruto? Do they want to use him and/or throw over the leadership in Konoha? What if there’s a twist? There has to be. Someone we think we knew what their motives were is going to surprise us.

    As it is, I don’t like Pein and Konan. Even when Hidan was killing a main character and trying to kill others, there was something likable about him. I don’t know… it’s just that it seems Pein and Konan are too powerful yet they don’t have any personalities. How have they endeared themselves to the reader? I would think their backstory as orphans and their dead friend would make them more interesting.. but somethings just not clicking. I don’t know what it is.

    Do you like them?

  2. Syfh said,


    I know what you mean about a chart…everyone seems to be working at crosspurposes with each other–is Sasuke genuinely aiding the Akatsuki, why is Tsunade concealing the “prophecied child” thing from Naruto…so many storylines and conflicts. It’s kind of interesting, really. Will Kishimoto be able to pull off this multiple storylines thing?

    My personal take on Pein is that he’s working for Madara, who wants to use Kyuubi. In order to get Kyuubi, Naruto has to die (possibly also because Naruto may influence Sasuke away from his side!). Honestly I don’t think Madara & Co. give a crap about Konoha; destroying the village is mostly a means to drawing out and capturing Naruto more than anything else. I do hope that there’ll be a twist at some point, though. Not that we can predict it from here as yet…

    The thing with Pein and Konan is what you said, they ARE very powerful. There’re other powerful characters, but generally we’ve seen that their power’s come with a price. Itachi has the Mangekyou but is terminally ill, Naruto has the Kyuubi at his beck and call, but risks losing his mind and speeding the death of his body, etc. Pein and Konan…so far they don’t seem to have paid or to be paying a price for their power. The orphan storyline kind of fails to tug heartstrings because we’ve already SEEN orphans, orphans who lost their parents in even worse circumstances, and we’ve seem them turn out to be good people–case in point, Naruto. Also Iruka and even Sasuke, in a more strained way than the other two. I don’t think the dead friend thing really makes them more interesting because I think it’s pretty much been shown that Pein killed Nagato; his main spiky-haired body is Nagato’s, isn’t it? Plus, we already have the kill-best-friend-for-power thing in Itachi, and he did it more interestingly, so…

    I don’t really like Pein and Konan but I don’t really DISlike them…I’m just kind of blah. They’re just in the manga, being evil bastards.

  3. berah said,

    You stated it perfectly.

    While I’m not going to start an anti-Pein & Konan fanclub, I’m just curious to see how and if anyone actuallly likes and is rooting for them.

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