Chrome/Nagi v.Hair

July 22, 2008 at 12:01 am (Animanga, Character Focus) (, , )

I was looking at some fanart of an older Chrome when the artist remarked that a lot of people were also drawing a TYL!Chrome with her hair parted on the left, unlike her younger self’s Mukuro-hairstyle.

I had a hunch and checked with the manga and yep: that hairstyle? Loose, parted on the left? It’s like Nagi’s.

So–what does this mean? Older Mukuro obviously has the ability to possess and use several bodies like he uses Chrome’s; he’s got Guido Greco who serves much the same purpose (or perhaps not–manga’s ambiguous whether the Guido that acted as Leonardo Lippi was totally under Mukuro’s control or acted like a second Chrome. Either way, Mukuro can at least manifest himself through various hosts.)

Does this mean that Chrome gains more autonomy from Mukuro? She seems to retain her loyalty to Mukuro; she attempts to break him out of the Vendichi with the aid of Chikusa and Ken. Does this TYL hairstyle reflect a general fan consensus that her older self regains a sense of herself as herself and not Mukuro’s pawn (hence the return to her autonomous “Nagi” self; the Mukuro-like hair seems to signify that she’s given all of herself to Mukuro)?

We haven’t seen TYL!Chrome in the manga yet, so this all conjecture and the feverish workings of my tired brain. Though I will say that my own preference is for this artist‘s rendition of older!Chrome, with the longer hair that melds the Nagi and Mukuro hair. Signals more autonomy; also signals continuing loyalty and devotion to Mukuro.

Even if I’m overthinking this all, it is at least a strange coincidence. And also food for thought about how Chrome’s relationship to Mukuro might change as she grows and learns to maintain her illusory organs on her own.


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