Reaction Shots: KHR! 205

August 11, 2008 at 6:39 pm (Animanga) (, , )

AKA the chapter where–no, I won’t spoil it. Spoilers come after the cut.

1. Hibari smiles the entire time he’s fighting Genkishi. I…I’m kind of afraid. Is it because Genkishi’s such a strong opponent and he’s enjoying the chance to fight him? Is it because he’s enjoying the chance to beat the snot out of a metaphorical/symbolic Mukuro? Is it because he knows something Genkishi doesn’t know?

2. Let me just say that Genkishi sword fighting with his feet? Yeah, not so much with the cool as with the TOTALLY ABSURD AND BATSHIT RIDICULOUS.

2a. Let me also just say that there’s a similar sort of villain-ish character in Naruto right now. Coincidence? The chapters ARE coming out simultaneously…is this some kind of Japanese cultural motif that we know not of? Swordsmen fighting with multiple swords using their feet?

2b. It doesn’t actually look badass. Just ridiculous.

3. Hibari’s reference to a schedule puzzles me. I’ve heard one theory that everything in the manga from the Ring Tournament Arc on is orchestrated by a time-travelling Byakuran, in order to bring the teenaged Vongola to the present. Which raises the question of how he would have had to do this is the original time line presumably DIDN’T contain the Ring Tournament Arc–unless the Ring Tournament Arc still happened, it just happened later in the original timeline.

Anyway, so presumably Byakuran is operating on some kind of elaborate cross-time schedule that will allow him to bring the Vongola kids forward in time at the best (from his POV) moment. Except if he didn’t conceive of the plan to bring them forward until he had no other choice, then how could he–in this timeline–know when the Vongola kid would have to come forward? Since, in the timeline they are experiencing, the switches seem to be completely random. Byakuran can’t know when they were brought forward until they already were and if he really is masterminding some elaborate conspiracy to get the rings from weaker/less experience Vongola Guardians then he has to have lived through a timeline where the Vongola kids were never brought forward in time which means that he shouldn’t have any prior knowledge of when they were to arrive. It wouldn’t make sense for Byakuran to know because he won’t (yet).


3a. Maybe Byakuran’s masterminding was masterminded by the older Tsuna. Eh? The younger Tsuna seems to have hints of developing some kind of telepathic/mind projection power (such as when he sensed Mukuro’s consciousness was coming during the Ring Tournament Arc). Plus there was his shared dream about the ring machine with Chrome.

It may very well be that Tsuna destroyed the rings in order to force Byakuran into his current course of action so that his younger self would be able to come to the future and gain the experience and power he’d need later down the line. But that just starts another time loop–if older Tsuna’s plan worked then Tsuna should have been powerful enough to stop the Millefiore which means the future they’re in would never have come to pass which means they’d have never needed to travel forward in time! …unless the travelling forward didn’t make him strong enough to stop the Millefiore. But that just means the terrible future they’ve see is immutable and Tsuna won’t live past twenty-five no matter WHAT he does so why not just give up? He can’t really change what’s going to happen anyway. Byakuran’s still going to win.

But that’s so pessimistic and totally not a shounen message, so. I don’t know. MORE PARADOXES.

BUT what if Tsuna is orchestrating the switches in order to go back to the past and fiddle around with stuff in order to stop the timeline? And he’s banking on his past self not to be killed, or he knows his past self won’t be killed because hey, he’s there. Or rather, that’s the logic of his Guardians, really. But the Guardians we’ve met so far don’t seem to have a clue about it…though, the two left in the future for last ARE the two strongest, aren’t they? Hibari, strongest of them all, and Ryohei, who doesn’t exactly seem to have a head for the subtleties of time travel and is pretty damn strong on his own as well.

3b. Either way, Hibari seems to know something everyone else doesn’t know. What exactly that is, is a mystery. Though it should be noted, he doesn’t seem to have trouble holding information back from his fellow Guardians. So I guess we’ll just…have to wait and see.

4. Young Hibari! So the last Guardian is Ryohei. Hmm.


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