TYL Fashion Police

August 15, 2008 at 8:07 pm (Animanga) (, )

Dahlings, do take a gander at this spread of the TYL boys in their casuals. Gorgeous, wouldn’t you say?

Okay, if only for the pretty boys. To be honest the colors leave a little to be desired, as do a few of the outfits. Yes yes, it’s a pin-up, characterization doesn’t matter, but I need a break before I go back and edit my stupidly long updated Hibari essay so bear with me, dahlings. Let’s go Left to Right~

LAMBO‘s look is nothing unusual, really. His signature cow-print is out in full force. My only quibble is that he looks like he’s about the same age and size as the rest of the Guardians and that’s just not true. Lambo’s ten years their junior; he should look it, at the very least only in height and stature. It’s the jacket and gloves that age him the most, I think. What happened to his silk cow-print shirt and trendy jeans of yore? Now that look was distinct but not too old. If there was some kind of theme to this spread, I probably wouldn’t care as much. But there isn’t.

GOKUDERA, by contrast, looks absolutely delicious. I think his look is a logical extension of his 15-year-old self’s sense of style, meaningless and numerous arm ornaments included. He looks gorgeous. Though I must say, what’s up with his crotch? Look how much higher it is than the other characters’. Same with Lambo. Is this meant to tell us something? It looks fine at first glance but when you look closer…you start to wondering.

RYOHEI looks very, er, gangsta? Is that the word? He looks good, though. It’s the kind of simple, no-frills thing you’d expect a guy like him to wear. No time for fussing with bracelets and layers when you’re busy living life TO THE EXTREME!!! The sunglasses do look a little out of place, though. They’re his only accessory, which perhaps explains why they seem to work with his ensemble.

MUKURO dahling, what’s happened to you? Once upon a time you rocked the black-leather-coat not-quite-suit and now…! Look at yourself! Lime green and navy blue-to-white gradients? You clash with yourself, dahling! It’s as bad as when Karin’s colors first came out. The outfit would work so much better sans color, and maybe with a different collar on the suit. Let’s face it, this outfit’s not all that different from what Mukuro normally wears: it’s just his death clothes with a few frills on, none of which seem to actually work. The suspenders? Are too much when combined with the long coat. And the thigh-highs! Let us not get started on that faux pas. Seriously, Mukuro. I know you like the black leather gloves and clothes, and you look lovely in them, but the boots are going too far, dahling, too far.

I’m surprised there hasn’t been bursts of Gokudera/Mukuro shipping, considering how everyone (myself included, I must admit) seems intent on making this spread into CONKRETE EVYDENS for their OTP of choice. I mean, look at them! Looking away from each other, wearing similarly style clothing, standing level with each other…clearly this is a match made in Amano-land.

HIBARI dear, not that you don’t look good, but why such a change? Hibari’s outfits tend towards the uniform and utilitarian; the only in-manga casuals we’ve seen him wear is a kimono. Why, then, such a hip young set? With ripped jeans and a tattoo, no less! A tattoo of a sparrow? Hmm…

You know what I think? I think Amano Akira meant for HIbari to be Yamamoto. The outfits work so much better when switched. Hibari doesn’t seem to be one for casual clothing, always wearing his school uniform and Mafia suit neatly buttoned — even after fighting off the ravening hordes of mindless Millefiore redshirts. Yamamoto, on the other hand, has always been the ostensibly “normal” one of the Guardians, with his ordinary name and ordinary hobbies and ordinary obliviousness. Why then the suit, hardly divorced from his regular wear as a Vongola hitman?

I therefore maintain that Amano Akira meant for Hibari to be Yamamoto but messed up–perhaps the hair was right in the wrong way or wrong in the right way, perhaps Amano realized that the figure was too short or posed wrong — whatever the reason, the result is puzzlingly normal Hibari and puzzlingly formal Yamamoto.

Ah, YAMAMOTO. What is there to say that hasn’t been said? Do you love being a hired killer so much you’d wear their colors even off-duty? Also, I’ve only just realized that you’ve got a jaw, dahling, it’s gorgeous. Makes you look dignified as anything.

TL;DR: the clothing is OOC, the anatomy not all it’s cracked up to be, and really if you wanted to read pairings into this spread, there’re much more crackier to be found than *yawn* Yamamoto/Gokudera. Who doesn’t ship that, may I ask? Who indeed.


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