Kusuri-uri Theory

November 29, 2008 at 8:48 am (Animanga) ()

In the epilogue of the last arc, Kusuri-uri mentions that as long as there will be mononoke, there will be the Sword of Exorcism, and as long as there is the Sword of Exorcism, there must be a hand to wield it (or something to that effect; I’m paraphrasing from memory here).

Now, I remember reading somewhere else that ayakashi don’t only arise from the souls of dead people (or living people who are repressing parts of themselves) or need to be from people period. Under certain conditions, they can also come about from objects or tools. Ones that are highly coveted and are valuable, I would guess. I remember a mention of tools which are used continuously for ninety-nine years?

Anyway, so let’s suppose that the Sword of Exorcism is one of these objects. Clearly it is a special object, and we’ll suppose it’s been around for a long time, used continuously to sever mononoke. What if the Sword of Exorcism gave rise to an ayakashi? What form would this ayakashi take? Perhaps…Kusuri-uri?

But Kusuri-uri refers to himself as human, doesn’t he? So maybe he isn’t an ayakashi. Maybe he’s a mononoke, one created when the ayakashi born of the Sword of Exoricism came into contact with positive emotion, or perhaps simply neutral emotion–and the emotion in question belonged to Kusuri-uri, hence turning him into a mononoke whose duty is specifically to wield the Sword of Exorcism. Sort of like Ochou-san and the Noppera-bo, where the mononoke was born of Ochou-san’s repressed resentment and despair and took on an autonomous aspect (which she may have been subconsciously influencing; the mononoke loves her faults and all, rather than overlooks them as her mother and husband did–he loves her for who she is.). In a sense, Kusuri-uri is himself a mononoke, essentially human but a vessel through which the Sword of Exorcism may act (hence his transformation whenever the sword is drawn).

The details of his contract between them, or agreement, or symbiosis are unclear (and I mean, I might just be flat out wrong, so.). Obviously it expresses itself physically in Kusuri-uri’s coloring and markings. But it also seems to grant him a kind of immortality; he’s still alive and well decades after the first four arcs are set.

(It may be that he was a human who gained enlightenment and thus attracted the Sword’s ayakashi’s attention.)

So, um. I’m not sure exactly where this leads or what conclusion may be drawn from it, but. Just a thought.


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