Random DoL Meta Scraps 2/?

January 2, 2009 at 1:31 am (Miscellaneous Meta) ()

Some speculations for the fourth book, Corambis. Spoilers for the previous three books.

1. I bet the plot’s going to be about that labyrinth-engine Gideon mentioned in…The Virtu, I think it was. Where he said in ancient days there was a labyrinth that could channel magic into an engine; Corambis is going to be about an ancient weapon, and labyrinths and death are a running theme, so you can see how the two might be connected.

2. Also it occurred to me that the road to Corambis might be the only time since the books have begun that Felix and Mildmay have been alone together. Oh, in Melusine they were on the way to the Gardens of Nephele but Felix was bonkers at the time so it doesn’t count. And on the way back in The Virtu they picked up Mehitabel, and then Gideon, Mavortian, and Bernard, so they never were really alone together, except for snatches here and there. And in The Mirador they were beset on all sides by Felix’s friends, duties as a Cabaline, and of course Gideon living in their suite, so you know. They’ve never really been alone, always had other people as a distraction or an excuse not to talk and work out their myriad problems. And I mean, on the way to Corambis they’ve got the Convocation’s judgment to worry about and then whatever plot Monette’s got in store for them but man, on the way there? They’re stuck on the road. Just the two of them. And I really hope it helps them.

3. Maybe it makes me a terrible person but I want to the incest thread to be picked up again. It was kind of a running theme throughout The Virtu, an extra layer of complications to their relationship. And in The Mirador…it was mentioned once, briefly, obtusely, but that was it. Nothing explicit or clear as to whether it was just hanging out there, or whether Felix had managed to sort of shove aside his desire for Mildmay in the face of his new duties, Gideon, Malkar’s rubies, and his worsening temper. It was there and gone, and it needs to be resolved. Hopefully not by them screwing each other but they really need to come to some kind of consensus other than Felix going “I won’t rape you” while knowing Mildmay doesn’t trust him. So I’d like to see that picked up and wrapped up, though I’m afraid that maybe it won’t be, it’ll just be left there to lie, and I don’t want that to happen.

4. And I hope they manage to find a place where they can both be happy. Because the places where Felix was happy—the Gardens of Nephele, the Mirador—are places where Mildmay isn’t, and the place where Mildmay might be happy—the Lower City—is a place where he can’t go anymore and where Felix isn’t happy, so. They need to come to a balance, in the end, they need to find some middle ground and reach it and if they both die fulfilling their destiny (to paraphrase Amazon) I will be seriously put out. They’ve gone through too much to be rewarded by dying for some grand plan neither of them know the first thing about until the last book in their series. They deserve something better, and that’s not how life works, but they are characters in a novel and I’d at least like for them to have something optimistic. The thought that dying together might be the only way to solve all their problems is one I refuse to contemplate at length. Let them be happy, and let them be happy in a way that doesn’t require them to be dead.


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  1. paperclippy said,

    No actual comments on your entry, I was just googling for stuff related to the Doctrine of Labyrinths series and thought I’d let you know I was pleased to find that there is someone else who is as into this series as I am. :)

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