Random DoL Meta Scraps 4/?

January 2, 2009 at 11:51 pm (Miscellaneous Meta) (, )

Two separate things here: a bit on Felix/Gideon and the age difference, and another bit that compares Felix to Rand al’Thor from the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. Spoilers for all three books, natch.

Felix and Gideon were fifteen years apart too, but—I dunno, because Felix was so obviously the one in control despite being the younger one, it felt less creepy than Royston/Hal. Maybe because Felix didn’t really care and never really dwelt on it, so I as the reader never really put much thought to it either (though Gideon did, if his outburst in The Mirador is anything to go by.). Which is kind of creepy in of itself, now that I think on it, though when you consider how much older Malkar was while he was screwing Felix and the age differences between Felix during his time as a prostitute and his patrons…At least he and Gideon are both, you know, sane adults capable of giving informed consent as to whether or not to engage in sexual intercourse with each other. Fifteen year age differences probably didn’t mean very much to Felix once they’d cross that particular hurdle. This is part of my rationale why it’s not the incest part that squicks Felix about having the hots for Mildmay; what squicks him is the fact that he doesn’t care about the incest, and that he’s afraid that he’s an awful enough person to abuse the obligation d’ame to get what he wants.


Felix Harrowgate as the anti-Rand al’Thor:

1. Red hair, strange-colored eyes, and stature mark them as outsiders

2. His long lost mother was a slut, not a queen. She ran away to a far off place and joined a far off people to become a prostitute, while Rand’s mother joined the Aiel and was honored by becoming the chief’s wife.

3. His “father” made him who he was through abuse rather than fatherly concern and imparting of values and whatnot.

4. His position of power is cemented by mending a magical artifact in the middle of a citadel rather than breaking it. Rand’s version is the sword thingy in Tear with all of its wards that he rips apart. You can tell how long it’s been since I’ve touch the books. :D

5. Rand’s story is that of a hero and leader being forced to ever greater heights; Felix’s story is how he can’t catch a fucking break and keeps getting run out of the Mirador as a criminal when all he wants to do was stay

6. All of Rand’s mentor-type figures have at least semi-altruistic intentions. None of Felix’s mentor-types had anything even remotely close.

7. Felix is gay. Rand is straight. Both of them have problems with monogamy.

8. Felix’s practice of magic is largely orthodox and acceptable (…in his corner of the world, at least); Rand’s practice of magic is anathema everywhere (or at least, it was. Maybe still is, a little.).

(side note: the concept of the Khloidanikos is similar to the concept of the dream world in the Wheel of Time whose name I cannot remember. Tel’aran’rhiod?)


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