Reaction Shots: Sakura Gari 6 RAW

January 29, 2009 at 6:32 am (Animanga) (, )

I actually downloaded this yesterday and then proceeded TO NOT EVEN UNZIP THE FILE.

Clearly school is screwing with my head.

As always, warning for incoherent rambling + spoilers.

1. DEAR DOCTOR PLEASE DIAF. And get your grubby pedophilic paws off of Masataka!

2. That first page? The blue one? The very last panel at the end with Masataka looking over his hands looks veeeeery familiar…I think I’ve seen Souma in a similar pose. But I can’t remember when!  I am sure that this is important. Now if I could only figure out how!

3. SHIT WHO IS THAT CHICK and why does she bring Masataka rape flashbacks?

Note that she looks veeeery similar to Souma, in hair style (where it parts) and the long hair. At first I thought she was like the real Sakurako and the albino running around the estate was an imposter. But then the flashbacks…is she accusing Souma of something? I have my theories about why Souma raped Masataka but they revolve very specifically about the different nature of the relationship Souma had to him. I don’t think Souma ever had a similar relationship to anyone else; hence, I don’t think he’s ever raped anyone else. That is, upon reflection, a terrible sentence to have written. And yet, so canon.

4. Then the lady freaks when she sees Sakurako? Maybe she is the real Sakurako after all. Maybe she’s trying to warn Souma of his sister’s intentions? And that’s why Masataka had his flashbacks–she’s saying he’s a good person, he doesn’t believe her? What? WHAT?

5. Doctor dude is losing his control over Souma. HE DOES NOT LIKE IT.

6. It’s terrible but Doctor dude is probably reading all these seductive undertones into Masataka’s flower-bringing when really, Masataka just has some basic human decency. Even after all that Souma’s done to him. I think–yeah, I think he’s guilty. It’s not that Souma didn’t deserve his hate…but he feels that he drove Souma to slit his wrists. What am I saying. There’s like a direct correlation between Masataka saying he hates Souma to Souma trying to make amends.

Masataka is such an ordinary guy. He doesn’t deserve to be caught up in Souma’s fucked-up-ness, which I think Souma knew right up until he realized that keeping Masataka away would mean losing him.

7. Souma knows Masataka nearly tried to kill himself? Does he feel guilty too? What am I saying, he hates himself, of course he feels guilty. But perhaps…I don’t know. Hmmm. Food for thought, certainly.

Perhaps it was merely a representation of Masataka’s empathy. He’s felt despair to the point of trying to take his own life…he understands where Souma is, sort of.

8. Wait so Souma’s mother was a maid, not a noblewoman? I thought she was like a noblewoman from England who fell in love with Souma’s dad…

…she was a maid?

9. I KNEW IT I TOTALLY CALLED IT Souma only started growing out his hair when his father grew sick and mistook him/wanted to mistake him for his mother. I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT. There is no relationship Souma had until Masataka that did not have a sexual component! Souma’s dad is sick, man. Making his bastard son dress up like his mistress so he can apologize to her for being an asshole. Daaaaaaamn.

Short-haired Souma looks SUSPICIOUSLY SIMILAR to Masataka.


11. AGAIN WITH THE SOUMA PARALLELS I can’t put my finger on when/where exactly I’ve seen but fuck if Souma hasn’t done the exact same thing–introspection while resting his forehead on his forearm on something.

12. WAIT WHAT was Masataka having a vision or was Sakurako narrating or WHAAAAT?

13. Sakurako is fucked up, man.

14. NO MASATAKA STAY AWAY FROM THE PEDO DOCTOR DUDE who also apparently beats his uh, wife? What? ASSHOLE COMPLETE ASSHOLE I would have preferred without the abuse, though. I mean, we get he’s a duplicitious pedophilic manipulative obsessive asshole. We don’t really need spousal abuse to drive the point home.

15. YOU SEE HE ADMITS HIS PEDOPHILIC LUST FOR SOUMA WHO WAS LIKE FOURTEEN WHEN HIS MOTHER DIED AA;LDFJALS;DJF SICK SICK SICK. It’s not just the sex, even–it’s that the fact he went after Souma when he was so young probably contributed to Souma’s fantastically fucked-up emotions and self-perception.

(The abused becomes the abuser.)

16. Doctor’s vision of Masataka as young-Souma is ANOTHER parallel–this time to Souma and his father. His father sees Souma as his mother and interacts with him so (not sexually, I don’t think, but the apologizing and the dressing up? Yeah). The Doctor sees Masataka as young-Souma, the object of his desire, which…makes him angrier? Makes him want Souma more? Is he angry that he can never totally possess Souma, who he obviously has obsessed and wanted for at least his student days which is about 10 years ago in Souma’s past so…

Basically the parallel is that they as themselves are being shunted aside and though they are desired, they are desired through the lens of their superficial resemblence to the desirer’s true object of desire. Souma is shunted aside for his mother; Masataka is shunted aside for Souma.

The chaining/parallel of events between the two of them are becomign quite interesting, if terrible. SOUMA YOU FUCKED UP PROTECTING MASATAKA BIG TIME. BIG TIME.

17. Why Doctor is so set on abusing Masataka: he wants Masataka to speak. He wants Masataka to scream. He wants Masataka to react.

Why? Because Souma never did. And he could live with that as long as Souma was equally indifferent and unreactive to all of his lovers. And he was–until Masataka.

Obsession and jealousy and inadequacy and obsession.When he makes Masataka react, he can pretend he can make Souma react as well. He’s seeing indifferent young-Souma in Masataka’s reticence (which I believe is a coping mechanism or some kind, perhaps just like Souma’s indifference was.)

18. I don’t know if I believe Doctor dude about Souma killing his stepmother. I mean. I just can’t. He’s so passive throughout the story–the only time he acts is when it comes to Masataka, when it looks like he’s going to lose him. It just doesn’t ring quite true to me, for him to kill his stepmother. Of course, we don’t know anything yet about the relationship between him and his stepmother…but I am leery of Doctor dude, and I don’t trust him. He wants Masataka away from Souma. He might very well lie about this in hopes of scaring him off.

Which does beg the question of that scene where Souma attacks the cherry tree. Was that Sakurako narrating to Masataka? Masataka having a vision (unlikely, there’s been no supernatural stuff prior to the incident)? Masataka speculating/making a guess at the scratches? I’m leaning towards Sakurako narrating off page. It fits with the Doctor’s accusation–they’re both trying to drive Masataka away, through abuse and threats and fear. It’s not like Masataka doesn’t have a reason to believe Souma is secretly a violent psycho.

19. FUCK WHERE IS THAT LITTLE PANEL OF SOUMA WITH HIS HAND OVER HIS MOUTH FROM? This chapter’s theme is parallels, I think. Parallels between Masataka and (young) Souma.

20. SHIT WHAT NO. When everything is at its worst, Masataka turn to Souma? Well, let’s see. He having trouble at school. His brother is dead. He’s being attacked by Sakurako and the Doctor for no reason he can discern. Souma just tried to slit his wrists because of him.

So…maybe he went to Souma because, at this point in time, he is the least of three evils. Masataka was just violently raped and tortured, it stands to reason he’s not thinking straight. And perhaps the cruelty of Sakurako and the Doctor have had the reverse of the effect they intended and driven him closer towards Souma.

Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. Masataka, just leave, please. Leave, tell someone, something, anything. Don’t stay there. Don’t go to Souma. Please.

21. FUCK WHITE OUT EYES. See, Masataka’s eyes always whiteout when he’s angry, when his shocked, when he experiences really strong emotions. This entire chapter’s been about paralleling him to Souma–now, at the end, with Souma’s fury, he was being paralleled to Masataka. This is the first time he’s had the whiteout eyes. This is the first time he has felt emotion on the same level Masataka has felt it.

His anger would be so much more endearing if I did not suspect it to be the result of his own possession and obsession. He is angered by Masataka’s pain, yes–but he is also angered that someone dared to touch what is his.




  1. Cat Dang said,

    I also ask the same question. I can not wait :))

  2. yvanna said,

    just wondering who’s doing the translations and when they are out? is it available in other languages other than japanese? i can speak english, french and chinese and please let me know if you know of the chapter being in any of those languages. i could help you translate as well!

    • ivoryandhorn said,

      The place I go to for scanlations is, which translates Sakura Gari from Japanese into English. Raw scans in Japanese can be found on the Sakura Gari LJ community at As for new releases, new chapters are released every four months (the next one’s due in May, I believe); the translations are released a few weeks later. Hope that answers all your questions!

  3. Cat Dang said,

    I have the scan in Chinese. You said that you can speak in English, right?
    so, I will give you the link to download Chinese. I can not speak in Chinese

  4. ivoryandhorn said,

    Cat Dang–sorry it took me a while to get to your comment. Thanks for the link, but I can’t read Chinese later. I’ll just way for the scanlations to come out. :)

  5. Cat Dang said,

    ^^ oh, it’s ok but I share this link for the one who can read chinese and if he/she can translate it in English, please do it quickly ^^. I can not wait anymore ~_____~

  6. Cat Dang said,

    by the way, mice to meet you ^^.

  7. yukino said,

    we need the translation of the 6th chapter so BADLY!!!!!!!!! There are too many scenes which can be understood only by translating the speeches!
    Please someone translate soon!!!!

  8. K-cho said,

    Uh, hi. :D;

    I know this is majorly after the fact, but…are you still into Sakura Gari? Because if so I’d love it to death if you’d email me or check out my LJ or something, because I’m in sore need of someone to talk about it with. None of my friends (IRL or internet) are into it, and I’ve seen a whole lot of fans online who are totally into MasatakaxSouma=Ultimate Romance, which isn’t really how I see it…Reading your commentary is really interesting, and it sounds like we maybe have the same interpretation of the series. (Also, as you’ll see if you go to my journal, I ADORE The King and the Clown, so we have that in common too. xD)

    I know this is really random, and also that this journal hasn’t been updated in a while, but if you’re still a Sakura Gari reader and you’d like to discuss the series with a fellow fan, let me know!

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