The King and the Clown (partial viewing notes)

January 13, 2009 at 12:08 pm (Moving Pictures)

So, no I haven’t seen the whole thing. I want to, I started to on YouTube, but ten minute chunks is no way to see a movie, especially one that comes this highly recommended. So I’ve seen maybe the first twenty-thirty minutes or so? And then guiltily snuck to the last fifteen minutes because I am awful with not spoiling myself, a habit I should probably break some time in the near future.


The ending conversation between Jangsaeng and Gonggil: my limited literary context translation.

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Let the Right One In

January 11, 2009 at 2:30 pm (Moving Pictures)

Literally just got back from watching Let the Right One In. My rec in two words: watch it.

I can’t really speak for the cinematography except in a really general, vague kind of way; because I’m so much about writing, the narrative and the story and how it’s told is what I tend to focus on. If you fear it’s like Twilight, well, I’m almost 100% sure it isn’t, despite never having read the books or seen the movie. Twilight (and a lot of other vampire media) tend to romanticize the myth, focus on the loneliness of immortality and the pain of seeing all you love die, the angst of having to kill to live. You know what I mean; from what I know of Twilight that’s more or less the deal.

That’s not what Let the Right One In does. The vampire mythos it uses isn’t anything really new, but it’s presented in a really–neutral kind of way, is the best way to put it. It’s free of any outside judgement, the film’s perspective doesn’t focus on any one part of being a vampire but rather presents all of it: relatively-good and bad. The need for blood because you have no choice, the inability to settle and connect because of having to feed, the danger and longing for connection and relationships, the way things between vampires and humans can’t work, the loneliness of being a predator among prey and watching people you love grow old and die. It’s not romanticized. It’s just laid out there in a very…matter-of-fact way and I really like it. There’s no value judgement made.

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You Know My Name

October 26, 2008 at 3:54 am (Moving Pictures) (, )

Was trawling YouTube when it occurred to me: In Casino Royale, James Bond’s relationship to Vesper Lynd both begins and ends in water.

It starts in the shower as he comforts her aftering having to kill those men, and it ends when she refuses to let him waste his life saving her.

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