Table of Contents

Here are the things that I’ll be writing on a regular basis.

Reaction Shots — thoughts and reactions to the latest installments of…anything, really. (Currently following Naruto; sporadic following of Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, So You Think You Can Dance & Sakura Gari.)

Here is a list of entries I want to keep note of for my own reference. You may find them interesting too.

Tobito, But Not How You Think — [Naruto] my own pet theory about the Madara’s immortality and Tobi’s connection to Obito. Not your typical Tobito. (Spoilers up to chapter 400-ish)

NARUTO: It’s Not Just His Show — [Naruto] pointing out why all the recent focus on Sasuke ultimately feeds Naruto’s own story. (Vague spoilers for the man ’til recently.)

X-23! — [X-Men] extensive musing about X-23 in general, and also how it relates to the (preview of) an issue of X-Force.

FAIL, Kalec! — [Warcraft] musing (and comment discussion!) on Kalec & Anveena’s final conversation. (Spoilers for Patch 2.4: Fury of the Sunwell)

Good Singing vs. Good Dancing — [gen] musing about the difference between after taking my first peek at So You Think You Can Dance (Australia).


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